Who We Are...

Our group, comprised of pharmaceutical executives, medical writers, pharmacists, and physicians, understands the pharmaceutical industry and the importance of advisory boards and other feedback-driven meetings.  Our team has specific disease-state knowledge and note-taking skills, and can capture and organize information to make follow-up and planning for your future meetings better. We provide this information quickly and in an unbiased fashion.

Our clients are pharmaceutical and biotech companies. We also work closely with meeting logistics companies.

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What We Contribute...

Our boutique consulting company specializes in capturing detailed notes and key insights at pharmaceutical industry advisory boards and other feedback-driven meetings. We can facilitate a debriefing session with a medical or marketing team using a PowerPoint presentation to highlight key points from the meeting.

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Why We Do It

We understand the value of advisory boards and other feedback-driven meetings. Information shared in these meetings can impact a business plan for a product or brand. It is important that feedback is captured, organized, and stored as an enduring material.

Often company compliance departments require marketing and medical teams to complete forms and upload specific templates. We can help with this task.